extending the mission
of The United Methodist Church
in the Sacramento area
since 1911.

As a mission extension society, SUMU does not make grants to established churches for construction, improvements, or repairs. SUMU grants are not intended to cover usual operating expenses or financial emergencies, but rather to fund new ministries that strengthen or promote your congregation in its central mission – making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Rev. Neal Harrell is the Chair for SUMU’s New Ministry Grant Application Process.  Pastor Neal will be in touch once your application is received to request any supporting documentation for the process.

SUMU invites new ministry grant applications on a rolling basis. We review applications 2-3 times per year. Our next deadline for reviewing applications is November 1, 2017.

New Ministry Grant Application


Name of Church (required)

Address of Church (required)

Chair of Church Council (required)

Church SUMU Representative (required)

Pastor (required)

Person Responsible for Proposed New Ministry (required)

Telephone Number (required)

Email Address (required)


What has been your congregation’s average weekly worship attendance for each of the past three years? (required)

What has been your congregation’s membership for each of the past three years? (required)

Has your church paid its SUMU askings during the past two years? If not, why not? (required)

What has been your congregation’s budget for each of the latest three years? Summarize your church’s current financial status (i.e. ability to meet budget, outstanding loans, general condition of facilities, and any other relevant information that might reflect on your need for the requested grant).


Explain the purpose of your proposal. Describe your proposed ministry in detail. How does your proposal address a need or objective related to the central mission of your congregation? How is your church currently meeting that need or objective? What specific activities or expenses would be funded by a SUMU grant? (required)

How has your congregation discussed and deliberated upon your proposal? Briefly describe the process through which your church decided to seek SUMU funding. (required)


What is the amount of your congregation’s requested grant funding? (SUMU currently considers grant requests up to $25, 000) Include a detailed budget showing how funds from this grant would be spent. (required)

Has your church attempted to find the needed financial resources through its own budget or congregational fundraising efforts? How? (required)

Has your congregation explored alternative or additional sources of funding? Would your congregation be receptive to providing matching funds in order to receive this grant? If so, how would your congregation go about obtaining those matching funds?


What is the timeline for completion of your proposed activity?(required)

Describe the expected result of carrying out your proposed ministry. How would SUMU funding for this proposal strengthen or revitalize your congregation?(required)

What objective measurements will be used to determine the success or degree of success for this New Ministry?(required)

How would your congregation continue the proposed ministry beyond the period of SUMU funding?(required)

Would your congregation agree to provide SUMU with a written summary of your progress within a year after the receipt of grant funds?(required)